Back to 1970 Started as a small venture Mattress Gallery had envisioned about aliynics  interest of various consumers to various sleep problems.

We Believe in the power of innovation, Quality & Trust. Mattress Gallery is Helping Consumers to their sleep problems for more than 47 years proudly with a duroflex range of Mattresses and Sleep Products.

Mattress Gallery in 2018 has got more to the consumers by introducing fine crafted high-quality wooden Furnitures.

Heat Absorption Technology


A NASA certified space technology which utilizes Phase Change Material by Outlast that regulates your body temperature.



Active Groves in the NRG Layer that enables more air circulation for prolonged freshness and cleanliness of the mattress.

Memory Form


High Density Coir layer that packs firmness and provides natural ventilation and coolness to the mattresses

Sandwiched Core


Special reinforce core made of alternate high density coir and foam layer for firm support and increased life of the mattress.